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In Between

You got to admit, there's something magickal about the halfway point of everything. Here we sit, at Imbolc (which literally means 'in the belly'), halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox - and we wait for the potential of spring. Have you ever thought about the places in between? I’m talking about times of day like when the Sun just peeks over the horizon, or dusk when it is twilight, and the sky lights up in oranges, purples, and blues. Standing in a doorway, where you are neither inside or out - or perhaps, you're both inside and out! The slight pause between the breaths we take, the space when an ending is just waiting for the next beginning, and the grey area between light and darkness. It's the in between moments that shape our lives, perspectives, and world.

Sometimes, they don't seem significant at all. Like, it's the midway between 2 much more significant events. In this case, 'in the belly' - animals are going to give birth in the spring and mother nature will burst forth from the ground in a rainbow of colors; but not now, because right now, we're in between one moment and the next. A new beginning comes with the turn of the seasons, and right now, we're making choices and taking steps to whatever that new beginning is. There's so much magick and so much potential 'in between'. I hope you seize it, and bring every dream, ambition, and love into existence!

As you navigate the next 6 weeks of winter, be aware that you are always (whether consciously or not) creating a new story. What magick will you make 'in between'?

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