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Enter Aquarius

The Sun has made it's move from disciplined, organized Capricorn to free-spirited, rebellious, but always the intellectual, Aquarius.

And we get a double Aquarius treat today! The Sun makes it's move just in time for a new moon - giving the world an Aquarian cosmic reset! Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by Uranus, and then Saturn - and with 2 rulers, it makes it one of the more difficult signs of the zodiac (and if you know any, you know exactly what I mean). Uranus is unpredictable, imaginative, and very, VERY resourceful. So, it's not unusual for all of us to feel a bit more daring, creative, and rebellious. Breaking traditions and thinking outside of the box is definitely part of the Aquarian energy we're all going to be going thru.

Letting go of those things that no longer serve our highest good, making significant shifts for the future, and embracing the limitlessness that comes with

this time of year - you can definitely delve into these energies and move life forward!

All of this energy gets a boost with the new moon happening on the same day the Sun enters Aquarius! This is going to allow us to embrace the truest version of ourselves. Aquarius season is a time for change, independence, and making the changes you've been waiting to make.

When the Sun (and Moon!) is in the sign of the water bearer, the possibilities are endless — what will you do to make the most of it?

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