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The Next Chapter

While quite a few witches celebrate the new year at Samhain (myself included), there's no deny the fresh energy surrounding the beginning of a new calendar year. A new, blank chapter to create memories, to grow, to express ourselves, and to love!

Personally, I'm not one for resolutions - and being the astro-nerd that I am, I would caution against any big resolutions because of Mercury's retro grade right now. BUT I do encourage you to take time out for yourself at some point this week. Sit with your emotions and thoughts, feel all of them, and give yourself space. This is a great time to dive deep too and dance with that Shadow for a bit.

After that, check in with yourself and see what it is you want to write in this chapter. Write it down, then step forward and take action with intention!

These don't have to be huge goals and aspirations. Maybe you just want to rest and heal, maybe you want to write about grand adventures, maybe you want to write about family, and perhaps you do have amazing aspirations! Whatever it is, start to create it. I do believe you can create anything with your heart open and you intention set. So, what will you write this year?

Love and blessings,


P.S. - No matter what you choose to do this year, please be gentle with yourself.

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