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Trinity Hrafn

Founder of TMI, Co-founder of Strange Magick

Trinity Hrafn is an eclectic Neo-pagan witch and Omnist, who specializes in astrology, aromatherapy, and meditation. She created TMI back in 2010 as a massage, Reiki and aromatherapy service. That winter, she was gifted a box of wax to make some candles and practice aromatherapy and has never stopped! She has since expanded to create specialty candles, ooak gemstone statement pieces, hangable crystal grids, and magickal top hats!
Trinity is an astrologer, modern-day mystic and coach, Reiki master/teacher, aromatherapist, and inter-faith minister. She's had the privilege of attending several events in the tri-state area and beyond, from craft fairs to Renaissance festivals, and is known for quality handmade metaphysical goods. Now with the opening of a brick and mortar, she looks to create a safe haven and resource center for the spiritual community at the Jersey Shore.

Recently, TMI joined forces with Strange Omens, so we can bring both our specialties to the community together - and eventually merge into Strange Magick, your Jersey Shore metaphysical shoppe!

Nyx Strange

Founder of Strange Omens, Co-founder of Strange Magick

Nyx Strange is a Sapphic nonbinary, eclectic Neopagan witch, and a crafter and dabbler in many things. She started her business, Strange Omens, in 2007, to vend at South Jersey Pagan Pride Day. Through it, she's had the privilege of meeting and working with people from all walks of the modern Pagan community throughout New Jersey and in parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. Nyx is primarily self taught, and has had no formal teachers or coven.
When her van was stolen in 2020 Nyx thought that Strange Omens was done for. But thanks to help from Trinity and her community, she was able to rebuild. In the process, Nyx and Trinity found that they work well together and continued helping each other at events. Trinity went on to open a brick and mortar storefront, and invited Nyx to work with her, which she gratefully accepted. Nyx looks forward to the opportunities that the partnership offers, and the future of Strange Magick

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